Monday, December 11, 2006

Bad Art - Republican Sinn Fein

Today, the Belfast Telegraph printed a news story about Republican Sinn Fein’s Christmas card, complete with a picture (which I reproduce here). As you can see, the image is of Santa wielding an AK-47 rifle and uttering ‘Up the Republic’ in Irish.

As expected, hands were flung up in horror and words of condemnation were issued from the usual quarters.

However, none of the reports have mentioned that the artwork is truly awful. Isn’t there anyone in Republican Sinn Fein’s marketing department with an appreciation of art?

Illustrated cards of this standard are excusable if produced by a children’s charity. By releasing this inept and unsophisticated image, Republican Sinn Fein announces it isn’t a political organisation that should be taken seriously.


JC Skinner said...

I think most of the upset relates to the depiction of Santa with an AK.
Won't somebody think of the children?
But for me, it's the fact that the gobshites can't even spell their own tired slogan in Irish that cracks me up.
Nice blog, by the way.

The Great Wee Azoo said...

Thanks for the comment. I hadn't realised the Irish spelling was wrong. That makes it even more stupid. Morons.

Anonymous said...

ye pair of wankers